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Waco Foundation Board Members
Waco Foundation Board Members

Waco Foundation manages over $88 million in assets (as of 03.31.2018) held in 211 component funds. The Foundation’s Board of Trustees are responsible for managing all financial activity, including investments, grantmaking and gift acceptance. The Board is advised by a Finance Committee and an Investment Committee regarding all financial and investment matters. In order to promote transparency and efficiency, the Board of Trustees has approved an official Investment Policy to govern the financial procedures of Waco Foundation.

This section includes Waco Foundation’s current financial statements, as well as information about our governance and policies; the asset allocation strategy and current asset managers; recent performance, and risk pools available for funds.

Investment Committee Members

Malcolm Duncan, Jr. - Chair

Sam Allison

Steve Cates

Cara Chase

Kyle Deaver

Monte Hulse

David Dickson

Bill Pakis

Brian Webb

Finance Committee Members

Cara Chase - Chair

Kris Kaiser Olson

Steve Cates


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