Waco Foundation Benefactor Lyle Kay Masterson

Lyle Kay and Lyle Seley Masterson
Lyle Kay and Lyle Seley Masterson

Lyle Kay Masterson was born in Beaumont, Texas on December 21, 1942 to Dan Kay Masterson, a Baylor Law School graduate, and Lyle Seley Masterson, a descendant of Waco’s prominent Seley family. Lyle Kay had one brother, Bobby Masterson, who predeceased her and her mother. Lyle Kay moved with her mother back to Waco in 1965 and was active in a variety of civic affairs.

Lyle Kay’s Mother, Lyle Seley, was the great-granddaughter of C. M. Seley, who came to Waco with his son, W. W. Seley, after the Civil War. Together they founded the Waco State Bank and next door to it the State House Hotel, located on Franklin Avenue. Among Lyle Kay’s things were numerous items from the State House Hotel, which were distributed to family members.

Although Lyle Kay never married or had any children, she was always very interested in youth and enjoyed spending time with friend’s children and supporting children’s charities. She also loved her two cats, Ruff and Ready.

Ms. Lyle Kay Masterson established a charitable remainder unitrust, naming Waco Foundation as the income beneficiary upon her death. She passed away on August 29, 2006. The $6.5 million gift was made in memory of her mother, Lyle Seley Masterson and is dispersed through Waco Foundation to benefit the residents of McLennan County through discretionary funding.


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