Waco Benefactor Stephen Goldstein

Lenore and Stephen Goldstein. In his will, Stephen left Waco Foundation $14 million.

Stephen Arnold Goldstein was born April 3, 1919 in New York City. He was the only child of Aaron Goldstein and Lenore Hirschberg Goldstein. Lenore and Aaron met in Waco and, after they married, lived in New York City for several years before ultimately returning to Waco when Stephen was two years old.

Stephen’s maternal great-grandfather, Sol Hirschberg, moved to Waco in 1883 to work as a manager of Sanger Bros. In 1911, he began working at Goldstein-Migel department store (later acquired by Dunlaps and now no longer operating in Waco) and later served as president of the company until 1946. Sol’s son-in-law, and Stephen’s father, Aaron Milton Goldstein, inherited the business following Sol’s death.

Stephen attended Sanger Avenue Elementary School, West Junior High, and graduated from Waco High School in 1936. He took piano lessons from a prominent teacher in Waco and enrolled at Baylor University in the fall of 1936.

Stephen and his mother were well-traveled, visiting Europe, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska and Australia. They were also members of the Ensemble Club, the Euterpean Club and other music and fine art societies in Waco.

Before Lenore passed in 1982, they discussed ways their estate could be left to benefit the community they loved. Waco Foundation offered the perfect fit for their charitable intent. After Stephen’s death in 1991, the Waco Foundation Board of Trustees was surprised to learn that Stephen Goldstein bequeathed $14 million to Waco Foundation to carry out his family’s desire to benefit the greater Waco community.


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