Goal 2

Develop and maintain an inventory of local early childhood programs and resources.

The SmartBabies Initiative seeks to ensure the current resources of our community are utilized to their full capacity. Our community has a plethora of resources to address the needs of our families, but often those that need these resources are not aware of what is available. With that challenge in mind, the Initiative has launched a website which serves as a convenient place for families and those that work with families to find the information they need.

In partnership with ChildOne Initiative we are pleased to announce the SmartBabiesWaco.com website.

  • SmartBabiesWaco.com allows families and providers to search for the resources they need on a local map, find family-friendly events and learn all about the development of their child.
  • On the site, you will also find beautiful photos of local children ages 0-3 and helpful website links. If you work with local families and want to ensure they know about this website, please contact Ashley Weaver for promotional items.
  • Check the site regularly for updates and additions. As we receive feedback from the community, we will continue to tailor the site to meet our local community needs

Please feel free to explore SmartBabiesWaco.com!


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