Goal 3

Facilitate the development and implementation of a strategic plan that will raise the Early Childhood QLI by 10% within five years, in all zip codes where the QLI is below the County’s overall score of 41.67%.

This goal of the SmartBabies Initiative brings together knowledgeable stakeholders to explore how our community can improve quality of life. Since November 2011, the SmartBabies Steering Committee has convened and recommended the convening of other practitioners that are specifically focused on the three focus areas of prenatal care, home visiting and teen pregnancy prevention.
  • Each Subcommittee has served as a workgroup with the purpose of understanding our current challenges around each of the focus areas and making recommendations regarding next steps. Each group has assisted in narrowing the scope of the strategic plan to improve children’s lives.

Steering Committee

  • Immediate Past Mayor, Jim Bush, City of Waco, SmartBabies Steering Committee Chairman 
  • Betty Bauer, Community Volunteer, Waco Foundation Trustee
  • Pam Briggs, McLennan Community College Child Development Instructor
  • Dr. Roland Goertz, MD, MBA Waco Family Health Center Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Carole Hanks, RN, Psychiatric/Mental Health
  • Debra Jones, Head Start/Early Head Start Program Director
  • Stewart Kelly, Kelly Realtors, Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman
  • Dr. Terri Patterson, WISD Executive Director of Elementary Education & Professional Development
  • Sherry Williams, RNC, WHNP Waco-McLennan County Public Health District Director 

Home Visitation Subcommittee

  • Laurel Churchman, Public Health District
  • Regina Cotton, Parent Educator WISD, Parents As Teachers
  • Beverley Davis, Early Head Start/Home Base Manager
  • Dr. Carole Hanks, RN, Psychiatric/Mental Health
  • David Hanlin, LPC, Supervisor Klara's Children Center ECI 
  • Eileen Walker, Department of State Health Services 

Subcommitee Meetings:

  • Four meetings held between May – July 2012
  • Programs Reviewed: Early Head Start, Nurse Family Partnership and Parents as Teachers

Prenatal Subcommittee

  • Maria Aguilar, Nurse, Family Health Center
  • Dr. Floyd Barry, Physician, Family Health Center
  • Tensie Covey, First Time Expectant Mother, Communities in Schools - WISD
  • Galit Church, Midwife, Waco Center for Women’s Health
  • Brittany Cleere, Student Parent Social Worker, Communities in Schools - LaVega
  • Andrea Dossey, Nurse Practitioner, Hillcrest NICU
  • Stacy Johnson, Nurse, Waco ISD Health Services Coordinator
  • Janie Martinez, Center Director, CareNet
  • Dr. Linda Russell, Program Administrator, Women, Infant, & Children
  • Veronica Tinsley, Case Manager, Women, Infant, & Children

Subcommittee Meetings:

  • Four meetings held between August - September, 2012
  • Programs Reviewed: Centering Pregnancy, Early Head Start, Healthy Babies are Worth the Wait, Harlem Children Zone – Baby College, Prenatal Coordinated Care and Nurse Family Partnership

Teen Pregnancy Subcommittee

  • Felicia Goodman, Executive Director, Cooper Foundation
  • Jim Coston, Senior Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church
  • Alice Pollard, Compensatory Education Home Instructor Teacher, Waco ISD
  • Stacy Riggs, Nurse, WISD Coordinator of Health Services, Waco ISD
  • Beth Olsen Drew, Executive Director, Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
  • Maria Solano, Community Ambassador/Member Connections Representative, Superior Insurance
  • Tiffani Johnson, Health Services Coordinator, Waco-McLennan County Public Health District
  • Delorean Wilkinson-McGee, Prevention Coordinator, Advocacy Center
  • Shannon Dunn, TTIPS Grant Project Specialist, JH Hines Elementary School

Subcommittee Meetings:

  • Six Meetings held between April 2013-July 2013
  • Programs Reviewed: Upon the completion of the meetings, the group crafted a 90 day plan that provides direction as it relates to a national five-component teen pregnancy prevention model, proven successful in 11 other communities. This subcommittee recommended that we conduct a preliminary needs assessment that will be vital in shaping a plan for prevention. The needs assessment was conducted in fall 2013.

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