SmartBabies Early Childhood Initiative works to improve the quality of life for children in McLennan County ages 0-3 years old. In seeking to reduce the teen pregnancy rate, which has significant impacts on a child’s quality of life, SmartBabies commissioned a series of reports in order to further understand the causes and effects of teen pregnancy.

Leader Survey Report

The majority of Waco’s community leaders agree that teen pregnancy is a significant issue in the Waco community and that prevention should be a higher priority. From July to August 2013, Waco Foundation conducted an online survey to gauge the opinions of leaders and decision-makers in the Waco community regarding teen pregnancy and prevention. Survey participants were largely comprised of individuals from diverse leadership groups that represent the education, business, health, religious, and economic sectors of Waco. The information gathered from this survey will serve as an integral part of the strategic planning process to address this issue.

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Cost Benefit Analysis Report

Teen childbearing in Waco carries an annual cost of $6.9 million overall and a cost of $4.5 million to taxpayers alone. In 2013, Waco Foundation commissioned the Bush School of Government & Public Service at Texas A&M University to conduct a Cost Benefit Analysis concerning teen pregnancy. The goal of this report was to analyze the various costs of teen pregnancy, including the relative costs of preventative programming as opposed to reactive support, to the Waco community. Ultimately, the costs of teen pregnancy not only affect this generation’s health, educational attainment, productivity, economic standing, and social well-being, but also have long-term effects on future generations. The results of the report reiterate the urgent need to address teen pregnancy and the benefits to be gained from reducing it.

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Parent Survey Report

This report reveals that the vast majority of all respondents see teen pregnancy as a major problem in McLennan County that we are not doing enough to combat, and 80% support sex education being taught in McLennan County public schools. In February 2014, Waco Foundation commissioned the Baylor University Community Center for Research and Development to conduct a parent phone survey. From February through April, a total of 1,340 adult residents of McLennan County and parents of the county’s largest school district, Waco ISD, were interviewed regarding their beliefs toward teen sexual activity and sex education in public schools. The goal of the survey was to better understand the views and opinions of parents regarding teen pregnancy and sex education.

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Teen Pregnancy Report

Texas has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the United States and Waco has a higher teen pregnancy rate than the state's average.  Research indicates that babies born to teen mothers are at a higher risk for low birth weight and infant mortality, are less ready to enter kindergarten than their peers and are more likely to give birth as teens.  In addition, teen childbearing in Waco carries an annual cost of $6.9 million with $4.5 million paid directly by Waco taxpayers.  Preventing teen pregnancy is key to improving quality of life for children.

The SmartBabies Initiative recently partnered with 1000 Feathers, a national firm that specializes in coordinating efforts and achieving measurable results in teen pregnancy prevention, to conduct general research and produce an overview report about teen pregnancy in Waco.  This report reveals key findings that will help our community develop a systemic plan to address teen pregnancy.

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