Steps to Setting up a Fund

Waco Foundation Fundholders, David and Jennie Dickson
Waco Foundation Fundholders, David and Jeannie Dickson.

Establishing a fund at Waco Foundation is a simple process. The donor and Waco Foundation discuss and identify the desired parameters and the Foundation develops a fund agreement incorporating the donor’s intent. The fund is officially established once the agreement is signed and the funds are received by Waco Foundation. Additionally, the donor takes the deduction at the time the gift is made.

How to Start a Fund with Waco Foundation:

  1. Identify your charitable purpose. To whom would you like to give?
  2. Decide what type of fund you want to open.
  3. Name your fund.
  4. Designate the advisors of your fund.
  5. Sign a governing document (fund agreement).
  6. Choose an investment option for your fund.
  7. Make your gift.

It's that simple! For more information on establishing a fund with Waco Foundation, please contact Natalie Kelinske, Director of Communications & Donor Services, at 254.754.3404.


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