The Communications Co-op is a community-wide collaborative whose members envision a Waco that enjoys a positive image, both locally and nationally, that is truly reflective of the entire community.


About the Co-Op

The Communications Co-op was launched in 2017 as a pilot partnership program between Waco Foundation and the City of Waco in an effort to advance community-wide communications and promote a unified Waco.

The Communications Co-op’s mission is to (1) coordinate external messaging when community-wide need arises, (2) nurture a unified Waco identity and (3) serve as an initial communications and marketing resource for community-wide collaborations.

The Co-op is comprised of organizations in Waco that have a stake in how Waco is perceived locally and nationally. Co-op partners contribute time, support and funding to a central communications entity that manages collaborative communications efforts.

Evolution of the Co-Op

An advisory council was convened shortly after the Co-op was established to develop the vision and mission and guide the work of the Co-op. To date, the Co-op has assisted a variety of organizations with various communications efforts including the Cen-Tex African American Chamber of Commerce, the Cen-Tex Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Historic Waco Foundation and Start Up Waco. The Waco Project was launched in 2020 as the first phase of a Waco image campaign.

The work of the Communications Co-op will vary year to year, but the purpose is to develop strategic and meaningful communications efforts that will help Waco achieve its full potential.