What are the scholarship amounts?

MAC Grant awards vary and are based on need for tuition at MCC or TSTC. Students that choose to attend other colleges are not eligible their first two years but are eligible to apply for a MAC Scholarship.

After completing the first two years, eligible students that apply can receive $2,500 in tuition for each of the final two years at a college of their choice. MAC Scholarship are provided by Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Robinson, Passport to Success Foundation (Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Meyer), Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Duncan and Waco Foundation. Each year, Baylor University also provides full scholarships to the three transfer students with the highest GPA.

How are the scholarships awarded?

Grants for the first two years pay tuition at McLennan Community College or Texas State Technical College (Waco location only) that isn’t already covered by Federal or State grants or other scholarships. MAC covers the remaining tuition needed for these two institutions.

$2,500 MAC Scholarships are awarded at a ceremony held each July. The funds will be sent directly to the student’s college each semester.

What about the cost of books and supplies...Does MAC cover that?

MAC Grants will only cover tuition. MAC Scholarships are paid directly to the university and can be used for anything that the student can charge on his or her student account, which may include books, living expenses, dining, etc.

Where can I fill out the FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid)?

What other services does MAC College Money Program provide?

MAC staff conduct FAFSA workshops at area high schools, assists students in completing the FAFSA and provide other counseling regarding student financial aid as needed.

Where is MAC College Money Program located?

1227 N. Valley Mills Drive, Suite 235, Waco, TX 76710 

Whom do I contact if I have a question?

Please note: While MAC staff maintain an office at Waco Foundation, MAC Program has a separate line, and all calls related to MAC need to use the phone number listed above. Please do not call the Waco Foundation line if there is not an answer on the MAC line, instead, leave a message and MAC staff will return your call at their earliest convenience.

How come when I call the Waco Foundation line there isn’t anyone that can help me?

MAC College Money Program operates within Waco Foundation, but Waco Foundation staff are not qualified or trained to answer questions pertaining to FASFA submissions, financial aid or MAC Program.

Is an appointment necessary, or can I just show up at the MAC office?

MAC staff see approximately 2,000 students per year to help complete their FASFA’s, answer financial aid questions, etc. Please respect the staffs' time by making an appointment before coming to the office. That will ensure that they have adequate time to address all the questions you may have. 

Please call at least a week in advance to schedule your appointment.

Phone: 254-754-3404
Fax: 254-753-2887


1227 N. Valley Mills Drive
Suite 235
Waco, TX 76710

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