Building your Nonprofit Fund

Building your Nonprofit Fund

More than 25 local nonprofits partner with Waco Foundation to manage their assets and reserves. When a nonprofit establishes an agency endowment, quasi-endowment or reserve fund with us (all forms of Designated Funds) the agency benefits from the expertise of a large financial management office for a very small fee, .75% annually. Waco Foundation subsidizes a large portion of these investment fees to provide the highest yield possible for nonprofit funds we manage.

Partnership benefits include:

  • Access to a mix of assets otherwise unavailable to funds smaller than $50 million and the choice of four investment strategies.
  • Oversight of all funds and transactions by Waco Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee, inclusion in the Foundation’s audit and management from a national investment consultant and highly professional community foundation staff.
  • Inclusion in Waco Foundation’s website, reports and publications.
  • Advice from Waco Foundation’s legal counsel about the handling and dispersion of non-cash assets.
  • Listing in Waco Foundation’s annual holiday gift solicitation as an option for giving.
  • By working with Waco Foundation, nonprofits can take advantage of professional investment management and planned-giving services. Waco Foundation’s permanency reassures many prospective donors who value the stewardship and consistency that the Foundation provides.

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