The Case for Reserves

Grantmakers and donors understand the nonprofit sector is changing.  The demand for services has increased while the amount of resources available to meet those needs is in a constant state of flux.  A reduction in government support combined with a continual growth in the number of nonprofits created to do good work has increased the level of competition for philanthropic dollars.  It's more important than ever for nonprofits to plan for rainy days by setting aside funds to prepare for unforeseen circumstances in the future. 

Waco Foundation, in collaboration with the Cooper Foundation and Bernard and Audre Rapoport Foundation, developed a Case for Reserves that highlights the importance of reserve funds.  We know it can be difficult to set aside dollars for future use when current needs exists, but strong financial health will only add to an organization's future sustainability.  The Case for Reserves can be shared with board members, donors and volunteers to raise awareness and generate conversation about the importance of reserve funds.

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