Building Better Boards

Chuck Loring facilitating a Building Better Boards Training
Chuck Loring facilitating a Building Better Boards Training.

As donors and contributors to a multitude of local nonprofit organizations, we recognize that the state of McLennan County’s nonprofit sector is changing. The ever-increasing need and demand for services, coupled with a decrease in the amount of resources available to help address those needs, require nonprofits to continually adapt and overcome such challenges. Fully-informed, effective leadership is needed from all nonprofit boards of directors so that agencies can:

    • Successfully adapt and respond to changing community needs;
    • Establish plans and goals for meeting the community’s needs within the framework of the organization’s mission;
    • Secure the resources (financial, human and community) needed to fulfill the organization’s mission and initiatives; and
    • Set and manage appropriate budgets (both income and expense) in order to sustain the organization.

Building Boards Initiative

This initiative was developed to help address the challenges facing our local service providers. The purpose of these board trainings is to:

  • Provide an easy and inexpensive way for local nonprofits to receive the correct amount of quality Board training; and,
  • Increase the number of people in Waco who have been properly and thoroughly trained in nonprofit Board service.

Building Boards Trainings

The first round of the Building Better Boards (BBB) training took place during our 2011-2012 fiscal year and resulted in these individuals [PDF] being certified in nonprofit boardsmanship.

  • Click here [PDF] for more information on the first phase of BBB.

The second round of training, The Skinny on Boards, took place in October 2012. The third round of training, Partners in Performance, took place in January of 2013 and the most recent round, Building Exceptional Boards, took place in March of 2015

Board Self-Assessment

Waco Foundation offers a low cost/free assessment tool for eligible area nonprofits through our Capacity Building Program. The self-assessment is a critical component of the Waco Foundation’s Building Better Boards Initiative, which was designed to promote an understanding of good board governance and provide the resources necessary for continuing board development amongst nonprofit organizations.

The assessment provides information for nonprofit organizations to use in building their board and their organization.  A board self-assessment is a great tool to effect change towards improving board performance. The assessment is conducted by nonprofit groups, with each member answering their questions anonymously through an online survey. Once completed a summary report is compiled that shows summary board responses and identifies potential areas for improvement. 

  • For an overview of the Board Online Self-Assessment (BOSA) click here [Doc].
  • To view the BOSA instrument/questions, click here [PDF].

For additional information, please contact the Capacity Building Program at Waco Foundation.

Documents Available for Download

“We took useful items from Chuck Loring and implemented them at our board for Caritas. It’s helped us in organizing our meetings. We stopped taking time reading all of the financials at every meeting.”

- Derral Parks, consulting partner at Jaynes, Reitmeier, Boyd & Therrell, P.C. and treasurer for the Caritas Board of Directors.

“I’ve participated in plenty of board training opportunities through the years, but never have I been associated with one that caused this much buzz for so long. People who attended Building Better Boards continue to talk about what they learned, how they are applying it to their organizations and the benefits that can already be seen in how their nonprofits function. “

– Kris Kaiser Olson, Waco Foundation Board Member


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