Identifying, recruiting and developing leaders who represent the rich diversity of the greater Waco area.

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About the LeadershipPLENTY® Institute-Waco

This program is designed for people of varying backgrounds, occupations and experiences who are passionate about improving the local community and developing and enhancing their own leadership skills. Founded in 2011, the program has trained over 200 community members using ten instruction modules that equip participants with critical leadership skills such as managing conflict, meeting facilitation and management, communicating effectively and building community partnerships.

Investing in the future success of our community

The LeadershipPLENTY® Institute-Waco was established through the Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders (TATL) steering committee which is comprised of community leaders whose mission is to champion leadership development within our community. Waco Foundation proudly underwrites LeadershipPLENTY® as part of the Foundation’s commitment to investing in the future success of our community. The program is administered through the Baylor Collaborative on Hunger & Poverty’s Nonprofit Excellence Project.

"As a relatively new Wacoan, LeadershipPlenty gave me an excellent opportunity to familiarize myself with local civic and community leaders, while developing the skills necessary to contribute to the community as a future leader."

- Andrew Cano, LeadershipLenty Member

Making civic leadership available to everyone

Waco Foundation and Today’s Action Tomorrow’s Leaders encourages individuals currently in leadership positions, as well as those not yet engaged in formal leadership roles, to consider applying for the LeadershipPLENTY® Institute-Waco. The goal of the LeadershipPlenty® Institute as defined by its creator, Civic Change, Inc., is to make civic leadership available to every American, and it is the hope of TATL that this curriculum be used to elevate and inspire emerging leaders in our home community.

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