At the end of 2018, Waco Foundation's Board of Trustees adopted a new Vision and Values Statement that formally established racial equity as one of the Foundation’s priorities.

Vision for Race Equity Initiative

Waco Foundation believes that racial inequity is a systemic problem that cannot be fully addressed through just a few programmatic and/or policy solutions. As such, any racial equity efforts in which the Foundation engages will likely extend beyond a single grant cycle or fiscal year. These efforts will require careful deliberation in order to determine what we, as a Foundation and community partner, have the ability to communicate, staff and support.

"To make Greater Waco a better place to live for all members of the community, and to help foster an environment in which a person’s race or ethnicity has no influence on how one fares in society."

- Source: Equity in the Center

Foundation staff are working to design and implement a framework to ensure we apply a racial equity lens to all of the Foundation’s areas of work. As a learning organization, we acknowledge we are still growing in our understanding of this work and the most effective ways to facilitate it.

Racial Equity Goals

Waco Foundation is committed to advancing a thorough understanding of racism and will continuously strive to facilitate this vision in order to ensure improved quality of life for all.