In December, Waco Foundation was pleased to present the Ruth and Lawrence McMillan Memorial Award to three organizations that have worked to beautify Waco through physical improvements such as art, renovation and other innovative design.

Waco Foundation distributed $15,000 in grants to nonprofits designated by the award recipients to fulfill the wishes of Ruth Craven McMillan Attaway, who established the Beautification Fund in 1994.

Creative Waco was selected as an award recipient for their work in beautifying our city through murals and other artwork. Because the organization is a nonprofit, they received the accompanying $5,000 grant.

Eddie Garcia owns Helado La Azteca, the first shop to open in the area across from World Cup Café. He has created a store that is a modern, colorful work of art and that promotes ethically-based products for the Waco community. Eddie’s store has served as a catalyst for other small businesses to open up in Waco. As part of this award, Eddie designated the $5,000 grant to the CenTex Hispanic Chamber.

In 2016, Iva and Terronga Weaver began renovations on the Jockey Club Barber Shop, the oldest black-owned barber shop in Waco, which created a model and opportunity for the many fantastic projects taking place on Elm Avenue today. As award recipients, Terronga and Iva designated two local nonprofits to receive $2,500 grants: The Size of a Man and Eastern Little League.

We appreciate the Waco Trib for helping share the news about these award recipients! You can read their article here.