At the end of 2018, the Foundation’s Board of Trustees adopted a new vision and values statement to establish racial equity as a Foundation priority.

A year later, Waco Foundation is taking the next step toward promoting racial equity as a core value: staff are in the process of selecting a qualified consultant to conduct a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Assessment.

This type of evaluation invites an external specialist to learn about the Foundation’s work both internally and with key partners. The consultant will analyze the Foundation’s practices and culture in order to offer insight on whether the Foundation is implementing things effectively and where there are areas for improvement.

Waco Foundation continues to learn and grow as an organization, certainly in the area of race equity. The hope of Board and staff is the DEI Assessment will provide information about the next set of work the Foundation can consider as part of our commitment to ensuring race equity remains a community priority.

For more information on the Foundation’s efforts to help address race equity in our community, please visit our website or check out our latest annual report.